The History of Doble Jewellers


Ivor Doble came from a family where he worked from a young age to support his widowed mother and 4 siblings. Soon after the second world war, 17 year old Ivor had an interest in repairing items and began to learn watch and clock making in St Loye’s college, Exeter.


At age 21, Ivor had some luck at a local arcade and approached the owner about a sack full of broken pocket watches. The owner used them as prizes, however a lot would break and the owner had no use for them.

Ivor was able to restore the watches and save enough money to rent his first shop. He set up above a dentist and repaired watches for local jewellers. Additionally with gold being used for repairing teeth during this time, Ivor was also able to learn about casting and melting the metal down.


Ivor married his wife Vera, the daughter of Arthur Golesworthy who had owned Golesworthy Jewellers since 1918 in Ottery St Mary, Exeter.


With Ivor’s watch making experience and Vera’s jewellery knowledge, they opened their first shop together in Cowick street, Exeter. As a highly skilled watchmaker, Ivor undertook all repairs upstairs in the workshop whilst Vera looked after the shop front, greeting and serving customers.


Ivor opened his flagship store in Sidwell St. Spread across 3 floors right in the heart of Exeter, this would cement Ivor in to Exeter and the South Devon area.


Ivor and the team would pitch up at shows across the county. Pictured here at the Devon County show.


Ivor’s son, John joined at age 17 and trained at Plymouth jewellery college. He trained in all aspects of the trade including clock making, goldsmithing, insurance valuations and sales.


John opened his flagship shop in Torquay under the name Doble Jewellers.


After years of supporting the team as a loyal Exeter man, Ivor became involved with Exeter City Football Club and was soon was elected as chairman of the club.


Ivor and John expanded further across Devon with opening a shop in Brixham.


Ivor retired from his position at the club in 2003, but not before having lunch with Uri Geller, David Blaine and Michael Jackson at the club in St James Park which gained huge media coverage. 


After finishing university Ivor’s grandson Roo Doble joined the business, training underneath both Ivor and John.


With 3 family members now in the business, Doble Jewellers opened their fifth shop, at the renowned Jewellery shop on Totnes high street. This fabulous shop has been a jewellers since 1815 and a pub for over 300 years before that, so it was a proud moment to put the Doble Jewellers name above the door.


Celebrating 100 years of trading across 4 generations and with 5 locations across the South West of England, we started work on creating more cohesiveness between the stores. First up, was rebranding the shops to trade underneath one name – Doble Jewellers.


Grandson Roo Doble, oversaw the grand renovation project of the Sidwell St, Exeter flagship store. We created two entirely new floors of retail space, adding in an entire floor to house our vintage watch collection which pays homage to our beginnings with watchmaker Ivor.

A state of the art workshop was built with meant we could expand our repair and bespoke work capacity. 3 goldsmiths now work full time making and repairing gorgeous jewellery for our loyal clients.