Engagement Ring Tips from Doble - By Roo Doble


If you are thinking of popping the question this Spring, then here are Doble’s tips for what you need to think about.

The Stone

The first thing you need to consider is the stone. When it comes to the stone, there are traditionalists who want a classic diamond solitaire, or the wild cards who goes for Ruby or Sapphire. Whatever your ideas the stone is the first thing to start your engagement ring journey with. You may be surprised to learn that different stones carry unique meanings and can reflect the personality of the wearer, so it’s an important choice. Also the stone you choose needs to be in line with your budget, so don’t be afraid to talk to us about how much you want to spend, as we can advise on the best stone for all budgets - whether you want to spend 3 month’s salary or less then we can help. If you are unsure always choose a diamond, as that is the tried and tested winner. We then help you choose your setting (4 claw, 6 claw etc.) and cut of stone you would like.


Once you have chosen the stone, then consider the metal you require, such as gold, white gold or platinum. Nowadays platinum is as affordable as white gold, and as platinum is harder it is well worth the investment.


If you don’t know your partner’s ring size then we advise to size up, as you always want the ring to go on the finger at the very least! We are very used to asking you the right questions to help establish what ring size would be suitable for your partner if you aren’t sure.


We can help our customers design a bespoke engagement ring for their partner. The real pleasure in creating a bespoke engagement ring is the personal story it carries with it and the thought that has gone into its creation. Decisions are sometimes based around heirlooms – the mother’s or grandmother’s ring that can have the stone removed and

remodelled to suit the personality and style of the bride. A bespoke ring is a unique and special symbol that says their partner has spent time, energy and love commissioning it. Having a bespoke design created is more affordable than you think too, so it’s an increasingly popular option.

Prince Harry had a bespoke engagement ring designed for Meghan Markle that consisted of two diamonds taken from Princess Diana’s tiara, along with a main centre cushion cut diamond from Botswana where Harry and Meghan had spent a special holiday together. It tells the story of their lives and is an incredibly romantic and thoughtful engagement ring.

No matter what engagement ring you choose, never forget that buying a ring shouldn’t be a last minute consideration, this is a special moment and the more thought you put into it, the more it shows. However we do get gentlemen coming in who have decided at the last minute to propose in New York next week and they need the ring before they get on the flight! We know the special importance of these moments and we will always work with you to make the ring that you need, when you need it.

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Greg Haines, Head Goldsmith at Doble Jewellers, has learnt his craft as a master jeweller sitting at this workshop bench for over 20 years. He is highly skilled in honing fine jewellery whether it’s repairs, alterations or commissions.