Return of the Dapper Gent - By Michala Heaton, Sales & Jewellery Consultant and In-house Designer


Fob watches, also known as pocket watches, aren’t smart (they won’t measure your steps or your heart rate), but the heaviness of the watch and the vintage feel of the keychain to accompany it, seal it as the go to watch for special occasion dressing.

Vintage Engraved Omega Watch - By Roo Doble


With the clock counting down to the opening of our specialist men’s watch room at our Exeter store on 10 July 2018, I have been busy sourcing key antique time pieces to sell.

Customer Stories - Bespoke Pearl Bracelet


Blog by Elizabeth Wickson, Manager, Doble Jewellers, Exeter

“The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens.” 

We know that the pearl is a timeless gem that symbolises classical elegance, so we were delighted to have recently designed and created a beautiful 3 row pearl bracelet as a bespoke present for a customer in Exeter.

Introducing Doble's Remodelled Collection


Quite a popular trend amongst jewellers now is upcycling and remodelling older pieces of jewellery into something quite new and fresh.

Art Deco – 1920s Glamour Returns


Art Deco – 1920s Glamour Returns


This month we are looking at one of this year’s hottest jewellery trends – the resurgence of Art Deco jewellery pieces. Art Deco takes its name from the Arts Decoratif exhibition in Paris, France in 1925 and is synonymous with bold lines, dynamic geometry and delicacy of curve.

Customer Stories – Build-a-ring


Customer Stories – Build-a-ring

This month’s blog is the first in a series of ‘customer stories’ where Michala Heaton, the Doble In-house Jewellery Designer, talks about a memorable piece of jewellery she has designed.

Michala Heaton, Sales & Jewellery Consultant and In-house Designer


Michala Heaton, Sales & Jewellery Consultant and In-house Designer

Based at their Sidwell Street office in Exeter, Michala is the lady you see when you would like to commission the design of a new bespoke piece of jewellery, or would like an antique piece of jewellery to be remodeling and adapted. Her artistry started with a degree in fine art where she specialized in sculpture, which then lead her onto a course in graphic design and finally a career in jewellery design. She has been with Doble Jewellers for 7 years now and the thing she loves most about the job is that no two days are the same.

Engagement Ring Tips from Doble - By Roo Doble


If you are thinking of popping the question this Spring, then here are Doble’s tips for what you need to think about.

The Stone

Meet Greg Haines, Head Goldsmith at Doble Jewellers


Greg Haines, Head Goldsmith at Doble Jewellers, has learnt his craft as a master jeweller sitting at this workshop bench for over 20 years. He is highly skilled in honing fine jewellery whether it’s repairs, alterations or commissions.