Doble Young Designer 2018

Once again, Mr Doble has been out and about this November visiting local primary schools as part of the Doble Young Designer competition.

Successfully running for several years now, this unique competition is all about encouraging our budding designers of the future.

The talk starts with a special history lesson featuring unusual pieces of jewellery and curios from Mr Dobles collection.

Items such as a wearable sundial and a ring that would have once carried poison are guaranteed to catch the attention and imagination of our future designers and encourages them to think beyond what they would usually class as jewellery.

This exciting history lesson concludes with one lucky lady getting to practice her princess skills by modeling our very special diamond tiara infront of the class. This is always a popular part of the event!

The class are then introduced to the competition. The winning design is turned into a reality in our own in house workshop, with a materials budget of £500.

The judges are looking for imagination and originality, rather than drawing skills, and the children are encouraged to think about precious metals and precious birthstones, among other things.

Recipients can be anyone from Mum or Dad to a much loved Aunty, or even, dare we say it, a special teacher!

Our winning designer is invited to visit the workshop and meet the goldsmith, as well as getting a VIP tour around the workshop and a look at their design in progress.

By a festive miracle and with the help of the Doble elves and a sprinkle of magic fairy dust, the finished design is presented to the lucky winner at their school before Christmas, in time to present to their loved one.

The competition runs each year and is an amazing chance for one lucky child to create a family heirloom.