Introducing Doble's Remodelled Collection

Quite a popular trend amongst jewellers now is upcycling and remodelling older pieces of jewellery into something quite new and fresh.

We are passionate about this and like to play around with antique jewellery and come up with brand new saleable pieces. We know from experience that brooches aren’t as popular as they used to be. The brooch used to be a fixture on the lapel of grandma's best Sunday suit, but unfortunately it now often conjures up an image that is a bit old and out-dated. Also antique brooches can be quite heavy and when pinned on lighter fabrics worn today, it often leaves them drooping and difficult to hang attractively. However the sentimental value still resides within them and that is where our sympathetic remodelling skills can really shine.

An antique brooch made new again

In our Exeter shop we had a long gold brooch with a ring of pearls and 3 beautiful aquamarine stones in the centre. It resided in our shop cabinet and although it was pretty it wasn’t saleable for the modern woman, so our expert goldsmith remodelled it into a beautiful ring. Our highly skilled staff graded the stones and realised it was in its original handmade setting with original natural pearls and aquamarine.

(photo above shows the old brooch with the pin taken off the back. Next to it sits the remodelled ring)

Converting brooches into rings means they can be easily worn again and more marketable and so we are currently making a whole range for the store as a showcase collection. We also remodel brooches into pendants too.

From old guard to avant-garde

Guard chains are really long chains, usually made from gold, which would wrap around the neck two or three times, to which you would add charms and were popular from the first quarter of the 19th century.


(photos above shows a lovely 15ct gold English guard chain remodelled into 3 bracelets, with brooch decorations added)

Although very traditional, the guard chain is another often overlooked piece of jewellery and so we have remade them by crafting the long chain into shorter bracelets and inserted old brooches as decorative centres.  

We know that remodelling is hot right now and we feel really passionate about our highly collectable remodelled range. Our in-house designer and goldsmith knows how to combine old and new styles, mixing precious metals, stone and gems into wearable art. We help our customers find something unique.

If you have any antique jewellery that you would like transformed, then call Doble Jewellers on 01392  272228