Know Your Pearls

Pearls never date. They are a timeless vintage gem from the largest single drop pearl sitting boldly on the neckline of Queen Mary Tudor, to long rows of them slung several times round the shoulders of 1920s flappers, they never cease to appeal. Every generation reinvents them.

Here at Doble we love pearls in all their shapes, sizes and colours. So let’s get to know pearls:

Natural Pearls

Extremely rare today these are the most expensive type of pearl in the world and are formed naturally within seawater oysters without human intervention. Their price range can be eye watering, but their rarity makes them very beautiful.

Cultured Pearls

These are cultured by introducing a small piece of tissue inside a host mollusc (usually a mussel). Once the irritant has been inserted the mussel then coats nacre (the pearly substance) around it and over time the pearl is born. The larger the pearl, the longer it has spent inside the mollusc before it was farmed.

Some of the most revered cultured pearls in the world are Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea pearls.

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For a uniform spherical pearl, much more rounded in shape, then the pearl is created by introducing a round shell bead nucleus. Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea pearls are all saltwater pearls gown using the small round bead method.


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The size of pearl depends on how long it is left in the shell before it is harvested. The larger the pearl the longer it has been in the water. They usually grow from 3mm to 10mm.

Wear them often

Pearls are made to be worn. As an organically formed gem they self-clean when worn next to the skin, as the oils from the skin keep the lustre on them bright. So wear your pearls as often as possible. Also pearls are traditionally strung on silk, so if you do clean them, be careful to use a slightly damp cloth only and do not get the silk wet, which can deteriorate the fabric.

If you would like to know the value of your pearls, call in to have them valued at your local Doble store on 01392 272228.