Restored Omega Speedmaster 'Pre Moon' Watch

Get your perfect vintage watch fix with this Omega Speedmaster, executed as part of a ‘moon’ series in the 1960s.

Back in 1969 both America and Russia where locked in competition to be the first to place a man on the moon. Luckily for us NASA were also thinking about what watch they will be wearing when they landed. Hence they choose Omega and its definitive sports and racing chronograph the ‘Speedmaster’ as its winning timepiece. It had to go through a series of tests first and was chosen for its durability in extreme conditions and as a result NASA astronauts still wear Omega to this day.

This particular black chronograph has made it into our new Doble Watch Room, as it was executed as part of the Omega ‘pre moon’ series earlier in 1969, before Neil Armstrong landed in July 1969. It’s very rare and highly collectible, hence the price tag of £5900.

So pop into Doble’s new watch room to view our pre moon watch. Space suit optional.