Seiko Watches

Seiko began as a clock repair store in Tokyo in 1881, founded by the current CEO’s Great grandfather, the name derived from ‘Seikosha’ or ‘House of precision’.

With a purpose to pursue watchmaking excellence, Seiko has grown into a global timekeeping presence, delivering beautiful Japanese aesthetics through complete “in-house” manufacturing.

Renowned for horological innovation with a stream of world firsts including the first TV watches, Seiko created the first ever quartz watch in 1969.

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For sports lovers and adventure seekers in the water, sky or on land. Since launching Japan’s first diver’s watch in 1965, Seiko’s innovative technology has influenced professional diving standards for timekeeping reliability and safety.

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A collection that offers Japanese beauty with Seiko quality and long-lasting performance. Presage combines the classic clean-lined Japanese aesthetic, with traditional Seiko craftsmanship in this original collection.

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For over 50 years, the Seiko 5 Sports has delivered reliability, durability, performance and value making it much loved by watch enthusiasts. With the creation of a broad new collection, this much loved timepiece is re-born.


The world’s first GPS solar watch. By connecting to the GPS network, the Astron adjusts at the touch of a button to your time zone. Taking all the solar energy it needs from the light around you, this watch never needs a battery change.