Your jewellery is precious and valuable, and it is important to have it valued professionally. Whether for insurance replacement, probate, sales between parties, second hand replacement value purposes, or simply to find out what your items are currently worth, here at Doble Jewellers, we provide a professional valuation service. Our service includes detailed descriptions of your items, including the identification of metals, stones and hallmarks, full colour photographs, and replacement values. The replacement value may be a new replacement, second hand replacement, or antique replacement. This is dependant on the age and availability of your items, and we can discuss this with you in store. Please be aware that because of the amount of detail involved in a valuation, it can take from several days to several weeks to complete, depending on the number of items.

You can be assured that all items are securely locked away on site when not being appraised and all valuations are carried out on site. Probate valuations are also offered and are handled with respect at what can be a difficult time, helping you deal with your loved ones affairs with minimal stress. An up to date valuation offers reassurance that if anything is lost, damaged or stolen, your insurance claim will be greatly sped up and much more straightforward. All information is stored securely, giving you long term reassurance if your document is lost. For further information, simply contact us via email: [email protected] or pop into one of our stores and speak to a member of staff.

Our table of charges is listed below and charges are based on final total values:

   MINIMUM CHARGE<£5000>£5000