The vintage effect - remodelling mother's diamond ring

This month we remodelled a beautiful diamond wedding ring for a gentleman who brought in his mother’s treasured ring that was too small and had broken settings.

The ring had an ‘illusion plate’ setting for the central diamond which was popular circa 1930. Illusion plate is a jewellery technique which was used in order to make a diamond look bigger than it actually was. This was achieved by mounting a small diamond in a mirror-like metal plate which diffuses the outline of the diamond and makes it look much larger.

The gentleman however wanted the diamond to have a new band and to also have lotus flowers surrounding it, as he had seen a design he liked while in America and had brought in some visuals to show us for inspiration. We sketched out how lotus petals could be designed in to surround the central diamond stone, as if the petals were opening out to reveal its diamond centre.



Once the design was agreed we then set about creating the new ring, using the diamond from the old ring still in an illusion plate, which we resized and set in a 9ct white gold band. Our in-house goldsmith Christopher worked to quite a tight deadline in order to deliver the ring in time for their honeymoon in America.